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Asia as a region is a very promising geo for Affiliate Marketing.

We have a set of new unique offers which open an opportunity to make a good profit in a low competition region.  So this time we want to tell you about the Internet usage in Thailand to help you to achieve success while working with this geo.

General overview

According to stats, there are 41 million of the Internet users in Thailand with the total amount 68 million of population at the time of 2016.

What is about Internet speed in Thailand? The average latency is 176 ms.; download – 15,59 Mbps; upload – 3.63 Mbps. Mean internet speed is 13.7Mbps.


Digital usage in Thailand

Thailand is a multilanguage state. But the most popular languages are: Thai (about 25 million speakers), Spanish (about 15 million speakers) and Yuan language (about 6 million speakers).

The tendency of the Internet users growth is obvious in Thailand. That’s why you should pay attention to the information below.




usage-of-devices-for-internet-connection-in-thailandPrognoses of digital usage in Thailand

We can see that growth in the number of mobile subscriptions and in the number of active mobile social users are rising very fast. This positive tendency will keep this dynamic.




Top traffic share websites


Operating Systems

As for the  operating systems used by people in Thailand, we can say that Android is the most popular one (as it is in Turkey).



Popular Thai search engines


Social media usage



Thailand social media usage demographics

Facebook: 52% of users are male while 48% are female.

Age: 32% of users of Facebook are between 18-24 years old and 31% are between 25-34 years old .

The user activities in this region are much higher than the global average level.



YouTube:  50.8% male and 49.2% female users. One user visits around 16.6 times per month and the duration per visit is 17.3 minutes.

Age: 18-24 years old making up 45.6% of the user base and 24-35 years old making up 24.9%.

Instagram:  35% males and 65% female.

Prognoses of social media usage in Thailand



Lastly, as we know mobile traffic and mobile offers are popular in Thailand. That’s why for our publishers who have just started working with this type of traffic and offers we recommend to look through the most popular mobile operators:

Rank Operator Subscribers
(in millions)
1 AIS 38.5
2 DTAC 25.3
3 TrueMove H 24
4 MY 0.6
5 TOT 25
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