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How to create trustful FB accounts to run Ads

Perhaps some of you could see  previous tip: How to get high CTR with Facebook Ads. Now it’s time to share the next secret of success The most evident fact about Facebook is that you always get banned. It’s like your favorite video-game at a hardcore difficulty with the only limit – there is no […]


New feature: rotator for offers

Hello, publishers. Today we would like to tell you about a new feature in AdCombo System – rotator for offers. The feature is very useful for those who would like to test several offers at the same time using the only one approved creative. We have already written about the ROTATOR tool in general, and […]


Conversion report in AdCombo (for advertisers)

(This article is relevant only to advertisers) AdCombo is a custom in-house developed software platform which provides advertisers with qualitative leads and sales. We have traffic which our affiliates send to the offers, but advertisers are the ones who get real sales. More sales advertiser receives from publishers – more traffic he gets – more […]


What Is AdCombo Rotator And Why Use It?

ROTATOR is a tool (instrument) in AdCombo system. In practice, rotators are used in order to create links (which are very similar to the links generated for offers); they are not used to adjust rotation. It is just a tool which allows generating links and creating combinations (a bundle of a landingpage and a prelander) […]


How to Park a Domain in AdCombo

How to Park a Domain in AdCombo What Domain Parking means and why you need it The main reason why you need to park your domain name is because of the possibility your ads may be blocked on the different websites or social networks when default redirected-links are used. It depends on the domains’ name […]


Meet MGID or How not to screw up while dealing with it

Hey there, dear friends.   Possibly, some of you, guys, have already seen our special activities like Traffic Hunters and ChocoLead in AdCombo. These splendid events are about to be finished, thus, the only thing we are to do is to award the winners. But we want to have more fun with you, mates. That […]


A Good Offer Is A Half Of Your Success

A Good Offer Is A Half Of Your Success - AdCombo CPA

Hello, there! Being an Affiliate Manager, I was to watch the same picture all the time: some of the beginners in Affiliate Marketing succeeded, others failed. Some of the neophytes reached their first payments from a network easily; others got disappointed having not received even a minimum payment. Such disappointed marketers become those ones who […]


Publishers vs. Affiliate Networks. The Trust Issues

Affiliate marketing is obviously a breeding ground for various sorts of fraud. It may come out from any side – either the webmaster’s or the affiliate network’s (or even both). How should you deal with it?

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