Affiliate Marketing in Germany: What You Need to Know

We have just added a new geo for a stack of our CPA offers — Germany. So, in this article, we decided to speak about what every publisher should take into account when aiming to earn online in Germany.

Infographics for an Appetizer


Germany Has the Best Internet Standards in the World

  • There are 65 million of Internet users
  • Average Internet speed is 17.5 Mbps. It’s even higher than in the UK and the USA respectively.
  • Mobile Internet speeds in Germany are also higher than anywhere else

Mind Germany’s Regions

We should either know that Germany is a federation. It is subdivided into 16 federal states. They are in their turn are devided into city states and land states which are finally devided into 402 districts.

So don’t get mad when you feel it’s hard to remember all their regions when sending traffic to a targeted geo. They may have similar and/or strange names.

A Few Facts About German Mobile Internet

  • About 115 million mobile subscribers
  • The largest mobile market in Europe
  • The first country in Europe to use 4G
  • Adult services and prize games are legal(!) It’s a great news for us, we have a plenty of them

Search Engines Market Сoverage in Germany

  • Google — 94.8%
  • Bing — 2.6%
  • Yahoo — 1.6%
  • T-online — 1%
  • Ask — 0.18%
  • AOL Suche — 0.13%
  • Conduit toolbar — 0.01%
  • T-online — Yahoo for Germany
  • Conduit (rebranded into CodeFuel) is a media toolbar for mobile and desktop browsers
  • Yahoo — Provides good services in German. It seems to be a good platform for placing ads

And now let us look at OS market share (without smartphones) in Germany. The statistics is given for 2015, so we aren’t able to observe Windows 10 part in the list. This statistics includes tablets and desktop devices only. Take a look:


And now let’s see how things go with smartpones:


So what do you think, friends? Is German market worth sending some traffic to? Did you find the tips useful? Please, share your opinion with us.

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  • Ella AdCombo Mak
    May 19,2016 at 9:02 am

    Approve in Germany is 70% + now!

  • Tim AdCombo
    May 13,2016 at 2:33 pm

    Looks promising!

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