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Wide Targeting VS Narrow Targeting

Wide Targeting VS Narrow Targeting - AdCombo

It is obvious that in order to achieve success in traffic monetization an affiliate needs to reach the target audience precisely. The more exactly an affiliate reaches the audience, the better conversion rates are and the larger overall profit is. Everything is rather simple. But! Having defined the target audience is not the same as […]


“ChocoLead” contest

"ChocoLead" contest - AdCombo

Dear friends, AdCombo Team is happy to announce the forthcoming contest “ChocoLead”. The starting date is the 1st of August. Do you want to win your own Mac Book Pro? AdCombo Team is ready to give you the opportunity! You send your traffic to our Choco offers and bring leads; we give you fabulous prizes […]


Exploring new continents with Lalexpo-2016

Exploring new continents with Lalexpo-2016 - AdCombo

Our team’s just returned from a famous adult conference LALEXPO. We were a platinum sponsor there and that’s why we started preparation for the conference long ago. We invented and produced lots of souvenirs and presents for our affiliates and advertisers . We brought lots of amazing caps, pens and treats for sweet-teeth . Such […]


Survival Of The Newbies

Survival Of The Newbies - AdCombo CPA

Traffic monetization is a tempting business. It attracts more and more newbies. At the first stage of planning amateurs are full of enthusiasm, though when it comes to a registration in an affiliate network they become disappointed – most of the networks do not accept newbies. Why do affiliate managers refuse to accept amateur affiliates? […]


True Mentor vs Fake Mentor

true mentor vs fake mentor - AdCombo

Affiliate marketing and traffic monetization are quite specific niches for doing business. There is no field-specific education or acknowledged books on the topic. You gain your experience on-the-go and you have to piece together all the needed information. In this connection, it is rather good idea to rely on more experienced marketer to share his […]


A Good Offer Is A Half Of Your Success

A Good Offer Is A Half Of Your Success - AdCombo CPA

Hello, there! Being an Affiliate Manager, I was to watch the same picture all the time: some of the beginners in Affiliate Marketing succeeded, others failed. Some of the neophytes reached their first payments from a network easily; others got disappointed having not received even a minimum payment. Such disappointed marketers become those ones who […]


The AWE Conference Results

The AWE Conference Results - AdCombo

AdCombo Team is keen to share its experience related to the most exciting affiliate event of this summer: Affiliate World Conferences held in Berlin, Germany. These unforgettable 2 days turned out to be very productive, thus it is high time to sum up the results. We were so excited to meet our loyal affiliates we […]


AdCombo Team is going to participate in Affiliate World Conference

AdCombo Team is going to participate in Affiliate World Conference - AdCombo CPA

This July AdCombo Team is going to participate in Affiliate World Conference held in Berlin, Germany. Since the Conference gathers the elite of the affiliate marketing industry, we are glad to be a part of such an incredible event. Industry leaders from around the world will take the stage to share their knowledge, thoughts and […]